The Royal Half Shekel Necklace

$49.00 $34.95

  • Silver .999
  • Size 22×22 mm
  • 18 inch Sterling Silver Chain


The half shekel, spoken of in the Holy Bible, refers to the annual tithe that every Jew was required to give to the Temple. This shekel, embodies the Biblical concept with scriptural verses surrounding it as well as King David’s royal harp set in the center.

Historic Davidic Dynasty minted half shekel coin

This coin was minted for the Davidic Dynasty and can only be purchased through the Davidic Dynasty. Not available on the open market. Presented in a plush velvet box. Imagine what you’ll have to pay for one ten years from now, when hundred’s of collectors vie for them.

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Weight 5 oz
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Collectors Limited Edition, Coffee Table Limited Edition, Small Hardcover Edition