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Tributes to Susan Roth

“Susan Roth is to be thanked for all she has done on behalf of the Jewish People and for her remarkable vision, relating to this project and many other noteworthy endeavors that she has worked on throughout the years.  The Davidic Dynasty is of great importance as a forum to reunite the descendants, to reclaim their G-d given heritage, and to promote unity among Jews throughout the world.”  Grand Rabbi Shalom Twerski

“Susan Roth has courageously raised her voice with a message of faith to remind us that ourtefillos, mitzvos, (prayer, good deeds), and Torah, can change the darkness into light and allows us to be zoche (merit)to welcoming David Melech Yisroel in Yeshushalyaim, Ir HaKodesh (King David in the Holy City of Jerusalem) and behold our Geula (Redemption).”  Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

“Susan has tirelessly guided this project from its inception. Susan, you are truly an Eshet Chayil, Woman of Valor, and certainly a source of great pride to King David and his descendants.” Mitchell Dayan